Huge crowd in Seattle as Microsoft plays “Cash Cab” on the Pedal Crawler

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We thought it would be hard to top all of the exciting events following our last Microsoft/MLS marketing activation in Kansas City.

We couldn’t have been more wrong.

This time, we activated the Pedal Crawler in Seattle for what promised to be one of the largest MLS games in the league’s history, with room for nearly 70,000 fans. With such a big game ahead of us, everyone knew we had to do something new. Something that would grab attention. Something BIG!

So Microsoft arranged for a videographer and a host to jump on board the Pedal Crawler while filled with fans to conduct an exciting “Cash Cab”-style giveaway where pedalers used to answer MLS trivia questions. The winner received a free Microsoft Surface tablet!

For the rest of the game day activation, we mounted tablets to the Pedal Crawler so that fans could try out the new Microsoft Surface RT and receive free demonstrations from a trained Microsoft brand ambassador. With so many fans in attendance, the Pedal Crawler was filled constantly starting hours before the game even started!

Between riding in front of Pike Place Market, the waterfront, and the arena, the activation was a huge success with hundreds of trials and happy pedalers!

What we did:

  • Transported the Pedal Crawler from Arizona to Seattle, Washington.
  • Had the vehicle completely wrapped with Microsoft’s Windows 8 and MLS branding, including background color and logos.
  • Utilized custom clamping devices to mount a dozen Microsoft Surface RT tablets to the Pedal Crawler, allowing for hundreds of soccer fans to try out the new tablets.
  • Helped coordinate the “Cash Cab” game show style experience on board the Pedal Crawler, which created huge enthusiasm with riders.
  • Worked with trained brand ambassadors to ensure hundreds of product demonstrations and surveys, giving Microsoft vital feedback on its tablet experience.
  • Provided full staffing to operate and maintain the Pedal Crawler for the duration of the event
  • Ensured a fun, new experience for riders to ensure an increased positive response toward Windows 8 and meet goals for trials and surveys.

Interested in leasing a Pedal Crawler for your marketing activation? Give us a call directly at (877) 817-7804 or email to learn more!

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