Brazil gets its first party bike from Pedal Crawler!

Party bike being shipped to Brazil

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Did you know that Pedal Crawler can ship your party bike anywhere in the world?

Last month, Pedal Crawler became the first party bike manufacturer to ship a party bike to Brazil!

The new owner plans to use the bike mainly for advertising and marketing by partnering up with big companies. Once sponsored, the bike will be painted a new color to match the sponsor’s branding. Then, a custom top will be fabricated and attached.

With the World Cup and Olympics in Brazil just around the corner, has a lot of profitable sponsorship opportunities ahead of him.

Whether you’re looking to ship your bike anywhere in the United States, Canada, Latin America, Europe, or Asia, we can fully build your Pedal Crawler (top included!) in a way that it will fit perfectly in a cargo shipping container. We can also help you arrange international shipping.